Before the barrage of new year, new me, bullshit kicks off. Please consider:

      1. Rather than thinking what can you give up, how about what you can give? A kind word to others and yourself more frequently, a smile, a helping hand.
      2. You are not broken and do not need fixing. You’re perfectly imperfect as you are. The Japanese use Kintsukuroi.
      3. New habits take on average 66 days for your brain to make it automatic. Meaning it’s easier to do the new habit, than not do it. Neuroplasticity. Check out the material from University College London here.
      4. You will fail on occasion, sometimes spectacularly. You may want to quit, because you are fallible. And human.
      5. Any desire to change can be started on any day. Today is the most important day, every day. The Julian calendar is not the boss of you.
      6. Bravery is a muscle. It must be exercised. Better an oops than a what if. Robin Sharma is an amazing online coach. Bravery.