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APEX Weekly Wrap Video: Accessible Aviation Training

Hosts Maryann Simson and Seth Miller chat to accessible aviation consultant Mary Doyle to find out more about how she helped to develop the Queen Elizabeth Foundation’s new Disability Equality Training Course aimed at the global aviation industry.  

(3:32) Interview with Mary Doyle, accessible aviation consultant, disability equality trainer & accredited online coach.

Designing for the Pandemic With Inclusivity in Mind: How New Procedures Are Affecting Passengers With Disabilities

APEX Media talks COVID-19 with Mary Doyle, an accessible-aviation consultant and founder of Rocket Girl Coaching.

 QEF launches Disability Equality Training for the Aviation Sector – With Rocket Girl Coaching

The online and instructor led course encourages attendees to fully participate and makes good use of
exploratory discussions, videos, chat, online polls and recent news events, including
COVID-19. The aim is to increase understanding of Disabled people, their rights,
compliance with accessible aviation laws and solutions to remove and prevent barriers to

Mary Doyle is named one of the UK’s most influential Disabled people

The Shaw Trust Power 100, is an annual publication containing the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK.

PRMs share their concerns as air travel restarts with new protocols

Mary Doyle speaks to Runway Girl Network following the survey results from PRMs and travelling in a COVID-19 world.

BA autonomous wheelchair might change perception of PRMs

Mary Doyle speaks to Runway Girl Network following news that British Airways have begun trialling the use of autonomous wheelchairs at New York JFK to aid PRMs who fly on any of its usual eight weekday departures from JFK to London Heathrow.

ST Engineering and Acumen Design Associates launch ACCESS – the world’s first expanding PRM aircraft lavatory

ST Engineering, in partnership with Acumen Design Associates, today announces the launch of ACCESS – a new aircraft lavatory which, through the use of a moving wall, expands to offer passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) 40 per cent more space. Mary Doyle provided consultancy on this project.

Runway Girl Network – Extendable lavatory brings comfort and dignity back to passengers

Dignity is coming back to the airline lavatory, which in recent years has been a source of growing complaints from passengers. At best they find newly slimmed-down lavatories on narrowbody aircraft difficult to move in, or more seriously have to enter backwards if they cannot turn around once inside. ST Engineering and Acumen’s new Access lavatory has two goals: give practical room for passengers while satisfying airlines’ quest to reduce floorspace. Mary Doyle provided consultancy on this project.

APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association) –  Aircraft Lavatory Concept Is Accessible to Passengers in Wheelchairs

Design Associates and ST Engineering have jointly developed ACCESS, which they describe as “the world’s first expanding aircraft lavatory,” to improve the flying experience on single-aisle aircraft for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). Mary Doyle provided consultancy on this project.

The amazing expanding aircraft lavatory that offers disabled passengers 40 per cent more space

An amazing expanding aircraft lavatory that offers those with reduced mobility 40 per cent more space has been revealed. It’s called Access and has been created by London-based Acumen Design Associates and Singapore-based ST Engineering. Mary Doyle provided consultancy on this project.

Mary Doyle appears on BBC Rip Off Britain Holiday Special January 2020.

This episode focussed on disabled passengers who had a bad airline/travel agent experience and what can be done to ensure people have a better experience next time. When it goes wrong it’s terrible and we’re working on solutions across many areas. For passengers one of the best plans to avoid big or small disasters is to research, research, research. 

Prevalis lift seeks to offer dignity and safety for PRMs and personnel

In a one-on-one interview with Prevalis PRM consultant Brian Roquas, wheelchair user and accessible aviation consultant Mary Doyle, learns about the new product, and why the Rotterdam-based company believes it’s essential to offer a safe and dignified way to position PRMs into their aircraft seat, while ensuring assistance staff are not injured.

Industry reviews creative air travel accessibility solutions

Mary Doyle talks to Runway Girl Networks about the challenges faced by disabled passengers and passengers with restricted mobility (PRMs).

The Legal Future of Accessible Aviation For All

Mary Doyle discusses flying as a wheelchair user and what is required, with the Law Society.

The Power of Not Yet

Big Up Your Growth Mindset with neuroscience.

Making airports accessible for all

As the demand for air travel continues to grow, Chloe Greenbank (with Rocket Girl Coach) explores how airports are catering for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility. Look at pages 30 -32.

Rock your difference

Confidence is believing in yourself and knowing that you have the skills and ability to do what you set out to do. It’s being yourself and being completely comfortable with it, owning it and rocking it.

Mary campaigns for Flying Disabled on live BBC TV and radio

Government announces new aviation passenger charter to improve flying experience for disabled people

Mary is named in Daily Mail Britain’s 50 most remarkable women

The most fabulous FEMAILS: To mark 50 years of Femail, a celebration of how Britain’s 50 most remarkable women made it big.

Mary holds a Guinness World Record for towing a Dreamliner

World record set as 100 people in wheelchairs pull British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Heathrow.

Disabled Passenger’s Bill Of Rights?

Proposed U.K. regulation seeks to make flying easier

St Albans woman named in the Top 100 influential disabled people

Mary Doyle, from St Albans, Herts who is a Personal/Executive Coach, STEM/Accessible Aviation Advocate and CEO Rocket Girl Coaching was announced as one of the top 100 most influential people with a disability in the UK.

Heading Beyond Accessibility

British Airways Staff Magazine, Up To Speed, September 2018.

The Heading Beyond Accessibility issue speaks to Rocket Girl Coach about the customer’s perspective of travelling by air as a wheelchair user.

Wheelchairs-in-the-cabin advocates optimistic about campaign progress

Recently invited to meet with EASA officials in Cologne to discuss the regulatory and certification considerations for allowing disabled passengers to remain in their wheelchairs in-flight, Flying Disabled founder and disability rights activist Chris Wood is optimistic that his campaign is gaining momentum.

MyPlus is know yourself, own yourself, be yourself and help others do the same.

Being a wheelchair user has given me the drive for disability to be normalised in business.

Why coaching is massively beneficial for disabled people

To some, the idea of coaching might seem daunting, unnecessary or even a little ‘hippy’. But it can be an incredibly useful tool to help you build your confidence and achieve what you want in life. Read on to find out how coaching changed the life of Mary Doyle, who is now a coach herself, and how it could be massively beneficial for you too. 

APEX Experience Travelogue – Human First

From humanoid customer service bots to crewmember skills and tools of the trade, we bring you the December/January issue of APEX Experience magazine. In it you’ll find the ultimate passenger experience care package – complete with a wheelchair user’s firsthand account of her air travel experiences.

The power of inclusion in travel, tech and life

Pressure is mounting for industry to do more to accommodate disabled passengers, including exploring the possibility of enabling them to stay in their own wheelchairs when they fly. Among the powerhouse individuals getting the word out about the so-called Flying Disabled campaign is “Rocket Girl” Mary Doyle, a wheelchair user, coach and disability awareness trainer.

In this interview with Runway Girl Network, Mary explains why she is passionate about the customer experience, inclusion, human potential and technology, and she brings us up to speed on the important work being done by Flying Disabled.

Op-Ed: Disabled passengers deserve better accommodation

Rocket Girl, aka coach Mary Doyle is spreading the word about a new UK campaign aimed at bringing equality to wheelchair users in aircraft cabins….