Rocket Girl Coaching

About You

My most rewarding work is coaching people who are facing a challenge that may have been thrust upon them (and they want to make the very best of it) or people wanting to challenge themselves further.

My clients often fall into one of the following categories (but not always):

  • You may be facing a big transition and want to do something positive with it. You have been successful so far and maybe are currently experiencing conditions you want to move on from but are not sure how to
  • You want to challenge yourself further and have big dreams
  • Your current success has hit a plateau which may only be obvious to you, and you know your performance can be improved
  • Your life came with a challenge (a disability) and you want to get to the next level. The term disabled may not describe you, and I’m using it in the broadest sense. You may have a long-term or temporary medical condition which is hidden or not, have experienced mental health issues or be neurodiverse (aka neuroawesome to me). 

For more information on the conditions I have worked with please look at the About Me page.

    I coach anyone who may feel stuck, with or without a disability.

    If you don’t currently believe in yourself I will help you to get that confidence to take risks and enjoy the results. All I ask is commit to the process of coaching, learning and reaching your potential (which does worry some people who are scared of success).

    Coaching is both a practical and thoughtful process and requires both parties to be present.

    Together we address the issues you bring to coaching to create a life that makes you happier and more content.