I write a lot about bravery being a muscle, which I believe it is, and that you need to exercise it regularly so that it grows. Check out ‘What Would Wonder Woman Do?”. Being brave is a great strength and each little win encourages you to be brave again and do the next, tougher, thing. And on and on, until you become unstoppable.

However many people are not sure what they want in life and so being brave is great if you know what you are reaching for, but maybe too early to execute for some of us. However, below is a simple exercise that can be done to help you figure out what you want. I came across this exercise recently via http://screwworkbreakfree.com which is full of information to shake up your thinking about your career, new business and motivations.

Dan Sullivan, founder of Strategic Coach, has an exercise he’s been doing for 25 years. Every day he writes down what he wants – at least one sentence every day. The point is to build what you might call your ‘want muscle’ – to better know what you want and to allow yourself to want whatever it is without feeling like you need to justify it or making it into something you absolutely must have.

I’ve been doing the exercise for 30 days now and got a lot out of it, alongside several hundred other people via an online course and it’s very interesting to see what people want (when they chose to share).

Do it for a while, I suggest at least a month, even if it’s the small things you write down and you might find you end up with more clarity on the bigger questions. Get yourself a lovely little notebook and stick with it.

This is your want muscle, and no one else’s so include the small and the larger things each day. It may be things like ‘to sleep 8 hours each night’, ‘to have a dog’, ‘to have a great meal tonight’, ’to get that job with the UN’, ‘to have peace of mind’, ‘to have a muscle car’, ‘to visit a beach hut’, so it can be anything. At first it may be odd to be wanting things when you may have be taught it was rude to want or told to be grateful for any crumbs you received previously. This is a time to be bold on paper, you are allowed to want things, even big things. This is not things you need, it’s want want want! It’s also learning not to become attached to the outcome, as you are unlikely to get all the things you listed, especially in 30 days and the intention is not to get hooked on getting these things. The cool thing is by the end of the exercise you may also have a better awareness of what you don’t want, and what you no longer want to tolerate.

Mastering others is strength; Mastering yourself is true power.” -Lao Tzu, Chinese Taoist Philosopher. Taking a few moments each day for a month or more will be time well spent in getting to know you. Date night every day, make sure you floss too.

You have to know what you want so the universe can deliver it to you. I have a few mantras which I have been using for years. This included saying ‘Send Keanu’ at the end of each day, or when I had a big spidr to wrangle. Then one day this happened: #SendKeanu If I hadn’t been specific I could have ended up with a vegetarian pizza, don’t let this happen to you.

If self learning is of interest to you I can also recommend this article on how to find your inner purpose as an employee, using five questions 5 questions from HBR


Get wanting, get asking. Let the joy in.