Being a witch is not annual event for Halloween, live like a witch everyday and promote the excellent attributes and values often overlooked by the people who would like to control, drown or burn wonderful modern day witches like me and you.

The Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s was a very bad time if you met the legal criteria in use to identify people accused of witchcraft. This is me down to a tee, guilty as charged. These included being female (yay), poor (freelancer-what do you think?!), financially independent (always), having female friends (always), having a argument with anyone (rarely), being very old (no way baby), being very young (at heart, always), having too many children (not on my watch), having no/too few children (child free not childless), being a midwife (never), being stubborn, strange or forward (it’s part of my charm), having a birthmark, mole or third nipple (if Cindy Crawford can have lip moles, so can I), the food in your fridge has spoiled (I’m no domestic goddess), you have sex whilst unmarried (my cardio), you tried to predict the name of your future husband (#SendKeanu worked for me) and broken any rule in the Bible (I’m guessing that’s a yes, never read it).

Witch attributes/Person specification

  1.  You have a high level of self worth.

    © Tish Thawer

You have a quiet confidence and understanding of your own abilities, experiences and strengths that give you an inner authority which is unshakeable. You cannot be influenced by external influences unless they are in alignment with your own values and goals and you are not intimated by authority figures who think they know what is best for you. Your heart is your compass.

2. You don’t care what think about you.

There may have been many experiences where people didn’t recognise your innate witchy fabulousness, and although this can be challenging or sad that they were blind to it, ultimately it doesn’t matter to you and you don’t care. There isn’t time to adjust to their expected standards of you. You have work to do, things to build and create, people to help, a life of purpose and meaning.

  1. Your free spirit makes people nervous.

You could modify your behaviour to fit into a beige box so other people feel more comfortable. If people feel the need for you to be controlled then it is likely they are controlled and comfortable with this themselves. You are here to shake things up and create alternatives, which is not always well received at the beginning, and by the end you will have been the catalyst to better things.

  1. You want to impact the world.

You can transmute pain into healing. Witches feel empathy and an understanding for the world around them. When we heal ourselves, we are then able to go on to heal others by sharing our advice and experiences. Many witches make an impact in the world by volunteering and choosing career paths which empower other people.

  1. You can tell when someone is full of crap.

You have a wisdom and through your self perception of knowing how you have deceived yourself previously, you can spot when someone else is full of bullshit when their being is out of synch with their words.

  1. You are highly intuitive.

A lot of decisions in life are driven by a feeling deep in your gut or heart, and you are wise enough to silence the background noise. Questioning your true intentions is a powerful way to identify what path you are taking.

  1. You can manifest a desired outcome.

Copyright Maria S Vavela.

You can call them spells, prayers, or practical magic. Witches manifest energies within the universe to turn a desire into reality. Witches are also able to do the same for other people requesting assistance. I actually call it coaching and there is little witchery, mainly coaching tools, active listening, goal setting and support with goal execution. Usually witches use this knowledge of magic to better their own lives, not interfere with others. So I am definitely a coach on this one, coaching is a science with a sprinkle of alchemy.

  1. You live an empowered life.

Regular self care teaches us to love ourselves, remove negative people from our lives, pursue a healthy lifestyle, to find happiness in life despite obstacles, to make decisions which will positively influence our lives, and to help inspire others to do the same. But most importantly, to be in charge of our own lives and which direction we chose to take.

  1. You have a strong connection to the universe.

Witches actively connect with the universe through meditation or simply being out in nature. This becomes powerful because it enhances our wellbeing, intuition, and connection with ourselves. In moments like this we can become one with everything. I look at the moon a lot.

  1. You experience synchronicity regularly.

There are regular coincidences in your life and they are mostly very random and amazing. Your energy is contagious.

  1. You have an affinity to black clothing.

Black is a power colour and demands attention. It also makes getting dressed for work much easier when you’re running late. And slimming (more pies please).

  1. You love to travel.

Since you’ve been mobile and solvent, exploring has been a huge part of your life. A witch never stops moving, learning, having new adventures overseas and spreading her magic far and wide.

Welcome to being the best witch you can be. And should you ever be called a witch by someone uneducated, thank them for the compliment. And stay away from the bonfires.